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In addition to teaching you how to cook a range of different recipes, we will also work on developing your skills, learning new tips and tricks along the way to elevate your cooking

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All my plans are matched with accompanying recipes and videos allowing you to follow your personalised recommendations in your own time in the comfort of your own home


All my recipes have the nutritional values already highlighted, so there is no need to count calories, as it’s already done!

Passing on my knowledge and love of food

I have been lucky enough to have a talented chef as a father, meaning good food has always been a huge part of my life.

Every social event always revolved around food, and there was an unwritten rule that Sundays were a day to enjoy time as a family, of course, accompanied by amazing home-cooked meals. 

My father dragged me to work with him when I was 16. Starting out as a pot-wash enabled me to observe the inner workings of the kitchen which is where my passion for cooking began. From here, I soon learned the basics, such as how to properly use a knife, and I began to develop my initial cooking techniques. 

When I was 19, our family opened up their own restaurant. Getting thrown into the deep end meant I had to learn quickly, and I was catapulted into a new lifestyle; one that I loved!

Over the next ten years of my life, I worked in the family restaurant, and took the opportunity to travel, working across several locations, including a restaurant in Melbourne.

These 10 years truly cemented my love of cooking, honing my skills as a chef, learning a wide variety of skills and techniques. From how to craft great tasting dishes, to supporting and leading a team and even teaching others how to cook, I have developed from the fundamentals to become a talented and experienced chef in my own right.

Having developed my expertise with food, I have now progressed into the field of nutrition. Being responsible for coaching and training people throughout my career is where I have found my passion for teaching and helping people to succeed. My naturally friendly and approachable personality is key to my style of coaching, as I believe in providing a calm and relaxing environment to help encourage change. I can see how sharing my knowledge allows others to appreciate and enjoy food in a whole new way, and from this, I take great satisfaction.

This is what I hope to do with you! In order to pass on my knowledge and my love of food, I have created my own recipes for Motion Chef, with the idea of providing easy to follow, healthy, but most importantly, tasty recipes!

Not all of them are low fat and low calorie, but that’s the point! I want to show you how you can incorporate foods you crave without feeling guilty as you are simply eating foods you enjoy! I want to make sure you incorporate nutritious whole foods and ingredients, and so I will give you information and advice to help you make the right decisions to improve your diet, and together we can work towards finding the best results for you!

How I can use my experience to help you

We’ve already covered off how I can use my experience to improve your health and nutrition, but here are some aspects I would love to help you:

  • Do you have a busy life, very little spare time with limited time to cook? I can offer you advice with simple cooking tips and recipes to make your life easier
  • Are you a parent wanting to make sure you and your family are eating the right way? I’m here to guide you to making healthy choices for your family with flexible recipes to suit all ages.

  • Are you an aspiring chef? I can act as your mentor and develop your skills, whatever your experience may be.

  • Bored of cooking the same meals every week and want to expand your repertoire? I can teach you new recipes that will form a staple part of your meal planning.

  • Are you a personal trainer or coach? I can share recipes and advice that you can in turn pass on to your clients.

  • Do you need a cool date idea, or want to surprise your partner with a fancy meal? I can guide you through a new dish to help you wow your partner at home!

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – my main aim is to help you.

I’m not going to give you a hard sale. I will provide you with suggestions and highlight the areas in which I can help and support you, and do my best to guide you in the right direction.

If this sounds good to you, then please contact me at

or go to the GET IN TOUCH page