the power of Nutrition

Nutritional advice, support, motivation & understanding

I’m here to support, motivate and encourage you

Through our consultations, we will collaborate to develop a plan tailored to support your needs, encompassing how long you would like to work together, along with the level of my support and degree of involvement.

The key areas in which we will focus are as follows;

Healthy eating practices

I will show you how to establish healthier eating behaviours which will subsequently help you to generate a better relationship with food.

Gain an

I can teach you how to be an expert in the understanding of your own bodily cues and nutritional needs.

I aim to enhance your knowledge of the nutritional value of food to ensure you are truly reaping the benefits of the food you eat.


Following on from our discussions, I will use my extensive knowledge of the industry to generate recommendations which will compliment your lifestyle.


Should this be your focus, we can work together to create realistic goals and tangible milestones to assist you in your weight loss journey.

your diet

I can complete an in-depth analysis of your current diet to ascertain a baseline off which we can determine areas of improvement to establish better calorie goals and energy expenditure.

& videos

All my plans are matched with accompanying recipes and videos allowing you to follow your personalised recommendations in your own time in the comfort of your own home.


Despite my love of food, I have often felt that I did not have control over my weight and that I was lacking in energy. Having developed myself further, I can see in hindsight that this came from a combination of a lack of knowledge and some bad habits that I had formed over the years! I subsequently decided to take action and increase my knowledge of nutrition and its effect on the body. I started listening to podcasts and reading about nutrition which fuelled my desire to learn more I subsequently completed a nutrition coaching course which only increased my passion and enthusiasm for the subject.

Through this learning, I realised the power of nutrition, and how owning this knowledge allowed me to feel better in myself, both mentally  and physically, with the added benefit of losing some weight. I gained complete control over my diet and started making food work for me, to help fuel my day and  boost my fitness levels. Learning this information and gaining the ability to implement a healthy amount of structure to my diet was one of the biggest changes in my life and allowed me to finally reach goals I never thought I could achieve. It was the information I needed to change my life for good, and this is now what I hope to give to you. I want to share in this feeling by passing on this knowledge and to help you make changes to your life that you feel are for the better.


We have gone over how I can help you with weight loss and/or improving your health and lifestyle, but here are some other ways in which I can help you:

  • Are you struggling with your energy levels? I can help you ensure that you maximise on your food intake and that you are eating foods which fuel your day and improve the way you feel
  • Do you struggle to eat a variety of food? Do you lack inspiration and want to broaden your diet? I can introduce you to new and exciting recipes to expand your knowledge and broaden your repertoire
  • Are you short on time, yet needing healthy food that compliments your lifestyle? I can introduce you to some quick and easy, nutritious meals to limit the hassle and maximise the benefits!
  • Are you a parent wanting to make sure you and your family are eating the right way? I’m here to guide you to making the healthy choices for your family with flexible recipes to suit all ages

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – my main aim is to help you.

I’m not going to give you a hard sale. I will provide you with suggestions and highlight the areas in which I can help and support you, and do my best to guide you in the right direction.

If this sounds good to you, then please contact me at

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